Online Registratio For Doubles is LIVE!

Online Registratio For Doubles is LIVE!


Empire State Darts is now a part of PPD aka Partners Promoting Darts. The scope of what they do is staggering... Including an $800,000 tournament every October.

To start off, it is called the TOC (Tournament Of Champions)

What does it mean for people who want to play darts? Try this...

Leagues running all year round, 7 days a week done in time slots all night.
Remote League Play against players of like ability all over the country.
Remote Tournaments against similar people from all over the country.
Leagues are 10 -14 weeks and constantly cycle year round

All different kinds of leagues available...
Open - Hcap - Team Cap - Flighted - 2 Man - 3 Man - 4 Man - Ladie's - Mixed

So if you have ever thought about playing, but decided not to because of your schedule, or because you couldn't find enough players in the same ability range, or preferred a short schedule, you will most likely find something that works for you.

The TOC is a rewards based program.
Vouchers for the TOC Qualifier events are earned not by winning a league or tournament. They are awarded via a points system based on your particpation in local and online leagues and tournaments.

Thats right...

You don't have to be the best, just have the most points by participating in leagues and tournaments. The TOC is essentially a giant Blind Draw with multiple flights (ability levels), and events. Every league and tournament is flighted to bracket you in a group with similar ability.

Their system also allows players to grow without having to worry about their average. Tolerances are built in, with a handicap system that flexes as leagues progress. Measures are taken to prevent any manipulation of average.

At the level ESD will enter, there will be qualifier vouchers available for 16 men and 8 women, provided enough qualify. More information will become available shortly. Online events are exclusive to Arachnid Galaxy G3 boards owned by Albany Amusement. Local leagues and tournaments sanctioned by ESD will count towards your points earned towards the TOC.

You can also become a league promoter, earning bonus prizes and points for setting up leagues on the system that people participate locally or nationally.

More information will be made available shortly.
Be prepared to become familiar with a couple titles...

Lord Calvert Whisky Tournament Of Champions
Extreme Team Remote Leagues and Tournaments sponsorred by Lady Bligh Rum
Compusport All Star Series Tournaments
Redeye Rhino Tournament Series

Whether ESD enters the TOC for 2016 or 2017 depends on how much response we get from darters in the area. We would like to see some significant participation in enough time to be able to enter the 2016 TOC.

More info available at the PPD TOC Website.

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