MAKEUP MATCHES: When applicable, this indicates either a match was not played, or your match data was not received by our server.

TEAM STANDINGS: Tracks your wins, losses, total games played, win percentage, and forfeits (if applicable). Rank is based on win percentage. Ties are broken first by Head to Head record. If the teams play twice or more, the cumulative record between the two teams is used. If further tie-breaking is required, whichever team won the number of games required to tie first breaks the tie. (i.e. the first team to win 15 out of 30 games between two 15 game matches)

PLAYER STANDINGS: Tracks players by rank in your division. main stats columns are as follows...
PPD - Points Per Dart for '01 games is calculated as total points scored divided by total darts thrown
MPR - Marks Per Round for Cricket games is calculated by total marks scored divided by number of rounds thrown.
PR - Player Rating uses
both your PPD, and MPR. ((MPR x 10) + PPD = Player Rating).

Some leagues will also feature a Combined Player Rating which is the cumulative Player Rating of players on your team. These calculations not only determine your standing amongst other players, but they are also used when teams are subject to a Team Cap, or when players are classified for Tournaments and Special Events.

FORMATS: Leagues come in one of four formats...
1 - No Hcap - No Team Cap
2 - No Hcap - Team Cap
3 - Hcap - No Team Cap
4 - Hcap - Team Cap

In leagues that are handicapped, there are three ways a handicapped is applied. It may be applied by way of a player's lifetime average. It may also be applied by all players shooting scratch the first week with handicaps applied afterward. The third option is to apply a default starting average for players based on sex or ability. New players added during the season start scratch with no handicap. Their average is then recalculated for the following week with the stats they earned the week before.

Important note regarding handicaps: Players on your roster that do not play the first week lose their stat history. This is a bug in Arachnid's software that affects players that have a stat history in our database. Therefore, players that have a stat history that do not play the first week will have to have their average manually input by contacting the League Coordinator within 24 hours of the match that person will play. Until Arachnid issues a patch to fix the problem, we are stuck with this bug until it is resolved.

If your league has playoffs scheduled at the end of the season, players are required to play 30% of the regular season to be eligible for post-season play. Requirements vary according to the league. This does not apply to In House Leagues administered by the location themselves. ESD  normally posts eligibility in January. If you see a duplicate entry of a player, or wish to dispute how many games a person has played, please contact ESD immediately.