More Events On The Horizon...

ESD Points Series
Here it comes...The ESD points series! Click the link and get ready to throw for $4,200 in cash! Check out our Profile Page

Remote leagues via the internet. Any night of the week! Play teams from all over the country. 30+ leagues waiting for you to register and play! You must register through the PPD player portal.
Check out this video to help you get started.

Lady Bligh
Participating In PPD Remote Leagues will establish stats to make you eligible for the Lady Bligh Monthly Triples Tournaments. These are played remotely against teams from all over the country the 2nd Saturday of every month. Triple Elimination, bracketed based on ability, and $500 added to every bracket!

Play The World On The New G3!

Now that the Arachnid Galaxy 3 dartboard has arrived, you are now capable of remote play against people from all over the country, and even the world! You can also keep your stats while you play using the HOTBUTTON.

See your Bartender to get your HotButton, or call/text Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216!
Get your Ranked Online Profile Started with Bullshooter Live!


View your Remote Play stats through the BULLSHOOTER Live phone app available for free! Download from Google Play or the the App Store!


----- STATS UPDATE -----

The Player Rating (PR) column in your Player Stats is a quick, combined rating formula using your Cricket and '01 averages.

Player Rating is calculated as follows...
PPD + (10 x MPR) = PR


Updating your dartboard is easy and only takes about 4 minutes...


1...Check with the bartender to make sure no one is on the phone. Sometimes the dartboard shares it's phone line with the location's phone. At this time, locations that use a pay phone will NOT be able to use this option.

2...Take a bar dart, and stick it into the TRIPLE 20 segment. Tap the dart 6-7 times in half second intervals. You may hear the low tone, called a "Cheater Alarm" for each time you tapped the dart. You will also see the buttons on the right side flash. About 20 seconds later, you will see a dialogue box with the header "Internet Call Out In Progress".

3...DO NOT COIN the machine during the update. This machine will automatically reboot during this process which may cause your credits to not register. Credits already in the machine prior to the update will be saved.

4...Download takes about 4 minutes, and the machine will then reset itself.

5...Proceed to sign in for league play.

6...You may also do this to send your stats immediately after league play is finished. This will help ensure your stats are sent to the server.