The St. Patrick's Tournament marks the turn of Spring's arrival, and also serves as a warmup for several large tournaments in NY. Normally held the Saturday after St Patrick's Day, it is an event very similar to the Pre-Turkey Tournament, only we have the benefit of a Saturday afternoon as opposed to a Tuesday evening to get started!

The Match Format is as follows...

Double Elimination
Winner's Bracket is best 2/3.
Who starts is determined by Flip / Loser / Diddle
Match format is Team 501 w/ Freeze, Stacked Cricket, Choice (Stacked 701 or Cricket).
Winner of the Flip shoots first in Team 501
Loser of Game 1 shoots first in Cricket.
Loser of Game 2 Diddles first for Choice.

Loser's Bracket is 1 game.
Flip to Diddle First, Winner gets Choice to shoot first OR pick the game (Stacked 701 or Cricket).

Entry fee is $14, and includes your games
The hosting location adds $5 to the pot per entry.
A 50/50 drawing is held to add to the pot.
The Super Shot Pot is held if there is an Arachnid G3 Dartboard on site.

If there is enough interest, we run a 2nd event called Survivor Singles Hammer Cricket.
Double Elimination
If there are enough players, we split them into two brackets, A and B based on ability.
Each match will have three or four players.
Play 2 games of Hammer Cricket and add your scores.
Top 2 advance, bottom 1 or 2 go to the Loser's Bracket.
Finish out of the top 2 twice, and you are eliminated. All you need to do is SURVIVE!

Entry fee is $8 and includes your games.

The tournament, like many ESD hosts, is done with an ABDraw format. The format relies on creating parity among teams by splitting the group onto two pools based on ability. Teams are drawn, one player from each pool. This will prevent any Super Teams getting drawn together. Players new to the league will be placed in a pool based on whatever information is available. Other league stats, tournament performance, or general assessment of ability can be used to determine pool assignment.

Space is limited to 40 entries for the sake of time and space. To reserve your spot, text your name and "I'm In" to Jeff MacIntosh @ 518-862-2216. No Call No Shows will be banned from future events at the Tournament Director's discretion.

For more information and sign up info, contact ESD at or Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216.