ESD Doubles Team Registration

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20 Character Limit Incl Spaces

No Aliases Or Nicknames Please

1. All registrations are subject to approval of ESD.

2. A team photo is required, and must be sent by text or email to the league coordinator.

3. A phone number (preferably mobile), and a valid email address are required for the two regular players on your team.

4. Subs who wish to be Banquet / Trophy eligible (if applicable) are an additional $10 each.

5. Weekly dues include the cost of games, and are paid into the board prior to the start of league play.

6. Any unpaid dues, fees, or fines will be deducted from the team envelope at the end of the season.

Confirm you have read, and agree to the above.

Please select the number of subs that are Banquet/Trophy eligible. $10 for each eligible Sub will be added to your cart.