New Leagues Taking Signups...

Mon @ 7 - Mixed Doubles
Tue @ 7 - Doubles Hcap - Cap 80
Tue @ 7 - Quads Hcap
Wed @ 7 - Doubles Hcap - Cap 100
Wed @ 7 - Doubles Open - Cap 100
Thu @ 7 - Doubles Hcap - Cap 100

League Meetings...
Sept 11th @ Patrick's Pub @ 6:30
606 3rd Ave - Watervliet

Sept 12th @ Washington Tavern @ 6:30
250 Western Ave - Albany


Tuesday Nov 20th @ 6:30
Jeff's Pre-Turkey Tournament!

Sunday Feb 17th @ Noon
Jeff's Daytona 501 Tournament!

Saturday Mar 23rd @ 1 PM
Jeff's St Patrick's Tournament

ESD Points Series
Here it comes...The ESD points series! Click the link and get ready to throw for $4,200 in cash! Check out our Profile Page

Play The World On The New G3!

Now that the Arachnid Galaxy 3 dartboard has arrived, you are now capable of remote play against people from all over the country, and even the world! You can also keep your stats while you play using the HOTBUTTON.

See your Bartender to get your HotButton, or call/text Jeff MacIntosh at 518-862-2216!
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View your Remote Play stats through the BULLSHOOTER Live phone app available for free! Download from Google Play or the the App Store!


----- STATS UPDATE -----

The Player Rating (PR) column in your Player Stats is a quick, combined rating formula using your Cricket and '01 averages.

Player Rating is calculated as follows...
PPD + (10 x MPR) = PR