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Leagues Taking Registrations...

Mon @ 7 - Dbls Hcap Cap 80 - OPEN
Newbie/Casual level

To help with your selection, please consider the following...

Cap 80 is considered a Beginner/Casual league.
Cap 100 is considered a Casual/Intermediate league.
Cap 120 is considered an Intermediate/Advanced league.
HARDCORE is considered an Advanced league.

When registering your team, you will need to confirm your chosen location will host you, and has available space. Albany and Troy-Vliet will be treated as one division.

Have no idea where you stand as far as Player Rating goes?
Follow these simple steps...

1...Play 3 games of 501, write down your PPD (Points Per Dart) averages for all 3 games. Add them all up and divide by 3.

2...Play 3 games of Cricket, write down your MPR (Marks Per Round) averages for all 3 games. Add them all up and divide by 3.

3...Your Player Rating = PPD + (MPR x 10). Add your partner's PR to get a Combined Player Rating!

If you and your partner are anywhere fromĀ 15.00 - 20.00 PPD in 01 games and 1.30 - 2.00 MPR in Cricket games, a league with an 80 CPR Cap should work out to be a good fit for you.

That basically turns out to be a Player Rating of 28 - 40.

Returning players can refer to the Player Rating List to make sure your team is under the cap when registering.

Freeze Rule: The Freeze Rule is applicable to Team '01 only. A player is considered FROZEN when their score is 180 or less, and their partner's score is higher than the combined score of their opponents. Throwing the outshot while frozen results in a win for the other team. Good Luck, and Good Darts! Thanks for registering!